Ar.G.BHUVANESWARI B.Arch., M.Arch., Principal and Professor

Ar. Bhuvaneshwari is a Professor at the Kongu School of Architecture, Perundurai with more than 20 years of experience as an Academician & Practitioner. She possesses an immense ability to understand concepts right from where they originate. She is curious about learning new things and is extremely mature when it comes to academic upliftment opportunities. She inhibits the extraordinary ability of not to get influenced by the distractions around her and rather is very much focused on goals to be achieved.

Ar.R.RAJALAKSHMI B.Arch., M.Arch., Head Of The Department

Architect Rajalakshmi currently has 15 years of experience in the practice and academics of architecture. She has worked in vernacular construction firms in the past and also served in Tsunami Rehabilitation projects. Currently, she is the Head of the Department at the Kongu School of Architecture.

Ar.RAGHUPATHI D B.Arch., M.Arch.,

Started his career in Sajith and Vivek Architects, Chennai- a Notable Celebrity Architect and worked for 8 years with effectively handled and completed more than 45 lakhs Sqft projects. Later opened his own firm in Coimbatore in the name of Raghu Architects, which focusses Residential and Commercial Projects.
Also interested in sharing and teaching his experience which he gained all these years, with the students and to study the skills and creativity from the budding architects.


Architect Prasanya, an alumna from NIT Trichy, is the principal architect of Diamond Architectural Solutions and has diverse experience of providing consultancy for various scales of residences and interiors for commercial spaces. Being an educator and researcher too, she strives to be a lifelong learner and believes in the collaborative learning process for building an environmentally aware and socially responsible society around.

Dr.SUCHITHRA S Phd in CIVIL Engineering

Suchithra has been in field and academics since 2005. Beyond the years, she has an urge to learn new things when and where the opportunity comes. She holds Ph.D degree in Concrete Technology and had published more than 33 publications in national and international journals. She holds three design patens, and is involved in several consultancy activities.


Parthasarathi K S holds a Master's degree in Interior Architecture and has been part of Kongu School of Architecture as Assistant Professor since 2017. He also holds 6 years of teaching experience and his keen interests lie in teaching in subjects like Urban Design, Interior Design, Theory of Design.

Ar.S.NITHYAPRIYA B.Arch., M.Arch.,

B.Arch.,PMU,2013.(First class with distinction)
M.Arch (General) ., ECAP,2017.
Interested in Vernacular Architecture, Sustainable Architecture.


"There are 360 degrees, why stick to one." Ar Sivaranjani Valluvan, alumini of EXCEL College of Architecture and Planning and The Principal Architect of MAYAN DEVELOPERS contributes a lot to eco-friendly budget housing and has done few full projects on the same.
She has constructed a house which bears no cement and has implemented many ancient techniques which were lost in time.She has a passionate interest in teaching.She has six years field experiance. A young, organised and efficient professional who has a keen interest in working with the students in subjects. She is quite good at mingling with the students and the staff of the institution.

Ar.D.PRABHAKARAN B.Arch., M.Arch.,

Practiced in United Arab Emirates of about 2 years. He also holds 4 years of teaching experience, and his keen interests lie in teaching in subjects like Contemporary building Material, Sustainable Architecture.


Revathi Selvaraj, completed her bachelor from adhiyaaman school of architecture and Master of Science in Architecture, Urban and Regional Design from NYIT,New York She is flourishing architect, urban designer and naturalist. She is an innovative, futuristic Designer and teacher who wants to engage in the global community to improve the liveability of all inhabitants in this world.She like to create coherent and contextualized solutions considering the economic, social and aesthetic variables to balance and realistic proposals. She also has collaborate with various stakeholders in development of Net Zero District in NY.She believe that learning and sharing knowledge is the tool of growth.
”Imagination is powerful if it is minimal”-Ar Rev


Ar.Akhilesh completed his Bachelors Degree from Crescent School of Architecture, Chennai in 2016. He completed his Masters in Architecture from Meenakshi School of Architecture 2019.
He has submitted a paper on "Low Cost Building Materials" to the "International Conference on Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Projects Management (ICCRIP 2016)" conducted by NICMAR University.
One of his interior works has been appreciated by "Inside & Outside" magazine & published in Q1 edition of 2014.
He has is own firm in the name of D2D vastuvit and doing projects specialized in steel structures and He is into teaching for about 5 years and worked.


She finished her Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture and Planning – Anna University, Chennai.
She constantly seeks to knot the boundaries of contemporary and traditional design exploring both architectural and related disciplines to find new and innovative design solutions. Amidst these pursuits, emphasis is still firmly placed on the appropriate and creative use of technologies, materials, space and forms. Also, she believes that sharing knowledge is the key that connects, holds, enhances the ideals and drives us forward with more efficacy.


Ar. Oviya Kumanan, a sustainable architect, has earned a gold medal in M.Arch with a specialization in Sustainable Architecture from Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai.
Holding a solid foundation in B.Arch from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, Oviya has been actively involved in both professional practice and academia since 2019 and 2022, respectively.
Her areas of expertise encompass performance analysis of buildings, climatology, technology for energy-efficient buildings, and sustainable building materials and techniques.
Notably, her research on assessing the thermal performance of upcycled shipping containers as sustainable building materials in warm humid climates has been published in the esteemed ICDIMSE conference's proceedings.


Er.S.K.Maniarasan M.E.,(Ph.D) reaching a decade of Academic experience in the field of Civil & Structural Engineering is currently pursuing his research in Modified Geopolymer concrete.His research experience under Dr.K.Ramaraju, Senior scientist, CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Center, Taramani, Chennai during PG research helps him to pursue his research career along with the academics in various fields.
Having participated in National and International conferences, He has published about 12 number of Journals and a design Patent in his field of expertise. Guided various design and experimental projects for UG Civil Engineering and research projects for PG structural Engineering Graduates during 2014 – 2024. His, Research,Academic and Consultancy works on various projects helped him more to disseminate the field of his expertise to the budding architects in the college.

AR.J.MAZZARELLO DIVYAH B.Arch., M.Arch., (General)

"To improve the skills of others, one must first improve his own." My passion for space and environment is never ending. It has made me design several Residential and commercial projects in and around Tamilnadu. I Possess a strong sense of aesthetics and an eye for detail technical skills which in turn I nurture in my students too. I practice effective communication monitoring among my students to gain confidence, adaptation, and active listening in them. Area of interest building construction and Design.

AR.VAIBAVASRI VL B.Arch., M.Arch., (General)

An ambitious & enthusiastic professional, Ar. Vaibavasri V L is embarking her way in the field of Academics. She holds M. Arch Degree in Architecture from Excel College of Architecture and Planning, Kumarapalayam and B.Arch from Meenakshi College of Engineering, Chennai. She has been a practicing architect and academician since 2017 and has contributed towards the architectural pedagogy in the capacity of faculty. Passionate for practicing sustainability principles within building construction with a strong focus on creation of a viable, safe, healthy & energy conserving environment.


A teacher and researcher of English language teaching (ELT) with a specific interest in the field of Technology in English language teaching and learning. Published several papers in National/ International journals in the area of ELT and enhancing LSRW skills.

AR.MITHUN B.Arch., (General)

An ambitious & enthusiastic professional, Ar. MITHUN is embarking his way in the field of Academics. He has been a practicing architect and academician since 2016 and has contributed towards the architectural pedagogy in the capacity of faculty. He has completed his bachelor degree from Measi academy of architecture.


An ambitious & enthusiastic professional, Ar. SHERIF is embarking his way in the field of Academics. He has been a practicing architect and academician since 2016 and has contributed towards the architectural pedagogy in the capacity of faculty. He has completed his bachelor degree from Measi academy of architecture.